.Net, Cordova and CI


using Com.Pushlink.Android;
PushLink.Start(this, Resource.Drawable.Icon, "yourApiKey", "yourDeviceID");

Rename is needed!

After downloading, rename it from PushLinkMono-5.5.3.dll to PushLinkMono.dll before adding it as .Net Assembly reference.


//this new start API was introduced in pushlink-cordova-6.0.1
var successCallback = function success() { console.log('PushLink started successfully'); };
var errorCallback = function error() { console.log('An error occurred.'); };
apiKey: 'api-key',
deviceId: 'device-id',
successCallback: successCallback,
errorCallback: errorCallback

Pushlink cordova plugin on github

Continuous Integration

Third part gradle plugin