Pushlink APIs

Simple but powerful API

Metadata API

JSON output

#optional query string param --> &deviceId=mydeviceID

Upload API

After uploading you might set the apk as current manually in the web administration

curl -F "apiKey=yourApiKey" -F "[email protected]" https://www.pushlink.com/apps/api_upload

There are two optional parameters:

-F "current=true" -F "whatsnew=this is the fanciest release"

Raw text responses

  • PushLink deploy sucessful.

  • PushLink deploy fails. Invalid Api Key.

  • PushLink deploy fails. Invalid APK file.

  • PushLink deploy fails. This APK hash is the same of another APK you have uploaded.

Download API

Download the current apk

curl -o yourApp.apk 'https://www.pushlink.com/download?package=some.package.name&api_key=yourApiKey'

You can also generate a hashed download link in the dashboard to hide your credentials.