Pushlink APIs
Simple but powerful API

JSON output
#optional query string param --> &deviceId=mydeviceID

After uploading you might set the apk as current manually in the web administration
curl -F "apiKey=yourApiKey" -F "[email protected]" https://adm.pushlink.com/apps/api_upload
There are two optional parameters:
-F "current=true" -F "whatsnew=this is the fanciest release"

We understand the response should be better. In the next version of the API, the response will be JSON with error codes, and better English will be used in the text description.
  • PushLink deploy sucessful.
  • PushLink deploy fails. Invalid Api Key.
  • PushLink deploy fails. Invalid APK file.
  • PushLink deploy fails. This APK hash is the same of another APK you have uploaded.

Download the current apk
curl -o yourApp.apk 'https://adm.pushlink.com/download?package=some.package.name&api_key=yourApiKey'
You can also generate a hashed download link in the dashboard to hide your credentials.
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