Identify your devices in the best way adding tags to them

Add some metadata to identify the device/user:

//This information will be shown in two places: "Installations" and "Exceptions" tabs of the web administration 
PushLink.addMetadata("Ip", getIp());
PushLink.addMetadata("Phone Number", getPhoneNumber());
PushLink.addMetadata("Brand", Build.BRAND);
PushLink.addMetadata("Model", Build.MODEL);
PushLink.addMetadata("OS Version", Build.VERSION.RELEASE);
PushLink.addMetadata("Logged in user", getUserName());

//This information will be shown ONLY in the "Exceptions" tab of the web administration 
PushLink.addExceptionMetadata("Battery Level", getBatteryLevel());
PushLink.addExceptionMetadata("Network Status", getNetworkStatus());

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